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Core Web Vitals and Performance

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Course overview

If you are a site owner or work within a team managing a site you will likely have heard about ‘Core Web Vitals’. Google launched this as an initiative to improve user experience across the web and assist teams in guiding them to improve their metrics. There are a few metrics with Web Vitals however those viewed as the most important are the three Core Web Vitals.

In highly competitive markets the battle is definitely with performance as companies fight to gain an edge over competitors by making their sites more efficient. RapidSpike are here to help you in your journey to optimising your site! Through constant monitoring, you will gather large amounts of data and be able to identify where issues are on your site quickly and make the changes that will lead to lower bounce rates and higher conversions.

Find out how to use RapidSpike to track and improve your Core Web Vitals.

Who can take this course?

This course is designed for site owners or anyone who wants to improve or learn about their Core Web Vitals.

Recommended experience

This course attempts to teach a basic level of understanding of Core Web Vitals. No prior experience is required. You may find the course easier if you are familiar with navigating RapidSpike.