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User Journey Troubleshooting

8 lessons
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Course overview

Understand how to debug User Journey scripts and diagnose test failures. This course follows up on our User Journey Script Writing course to understand RapidSpike’s diagnostic tools and how to use them to understand the cause of failed User Journeys. Understanding this is key to ensuring you are able to understand any issues on your website and keep your User Journey Script running smoothly.

Who can take this course?

This course is designed for both newcomers and experienced users. We recommend users with self-service (non-managed) User Journeys take this course to help understand the best way to troubleshoot failed tests.

Recommended experience

This course attempts to teach a basic understanding of RapidSpike’s diagnostic tools and User Journey system. We recommend you start with User Journey Script Writing to understand the basics of interacting with CSS selectors and HTML markup. No prior experience is required, although users familiar with these concepts will find the content easier.