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Magecart Attacks: Prevention and Detection

How a multi-layered security approach can help in the prevention and detection of client-side attacks.

In today’s online world, hackers are constantly evolving their tactics, growing stronger, and attacking more frequently than ever. Platforms that could not be hacked today will be hacked tomorrow, so vigilance is key.

We examine 2020 Magecart attacks website data to understand the latest web-skimming trends and attack techniques and explain how a defence in depth approach to security can help companies to both proactively and reactively detect data breaches on the client-side faster than ever.

In this white paper we discuss:

  • The latest hacked website data by location and industry.
  • 2020 Magecart attacks case-studies.
  • Web-skimming techniques.
  • Multi-layered security approaches.
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