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Run a Manual Test for your User Journey

User Journeys are designed to run automatically at set intervals of your choosing. This means you do not need to remember to run synthetic tests on your website as they are running 24/7 on RapidSpile; however, you might want to do a one-off test to check your website is performing as expected.

Running a Manual Test

To run a manual test, you can pause and then resume your journey. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Pause and Resume your User Journey in User Journey Settings.
  2. Go to the Script Editor, run a Save and Check to place your Journey into draft mode, and then immediately click Save and Publish.

Once you have resumed a journey that is paused or in draft mode, it will immediately run a new test. This will be recorded in your test history.

Note: If you do not need to record the test data, you can run a Save and Check instead.

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