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Configuring Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a method of authentication that allows organisations to manage their employee’s access to the software the organisation uses from a centralised location.

SSO Providers

Set Up Single Sign On

To utilise Single Sign On with RapidSpike you must connect both your Identify and Directory Providers to us. This is achieved via a third-party application called WorkOS

Connecting these two providers to your RapidSpike account is simple:

  1. Contact RapidSpike support.
  2. We’ll give you two links that take you through the setup to connect your providers to WorkOS, and subsequently RapidSpike.
  3. Once connected, RapidSpike will attempt to synchronise all existing users in your RapidSpike account with your Directory Provider.
  4. Users that do exist in the provider will then no longer be able to manage their profile in RapidSpike and will authenticate via the IDP.
  5. Users that don’t exist in the provider will still be able to manage their profile in RapidSpike and authenticate via email and password.

User Access Controls

RapidSpike has 3 User Types. These need to be mapped in the SSO directory provider to your organisation’s corresponding ACLs. During the setup process, you’ll be asked for a ‘Directory Provider Value’ rapidspikeAccess which needs also needs to be rapidspikeAccess. This may require more configuring depending on your Directory Provider.

The key mapping is:

  • admin ➡ Admin privileges
  • user ➡ User privileges
  • restrictedUser ➡ View Only privilege
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