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Troubleshooting RapidSpike Connect Anything (RCA)

If you are having any issues with RapidSpike Connect Anything, this guide provides you with some troubleshooting options.

Not Sending the ID

Once you create a monitor you will be given a unique ID, which looks like 334cc04d-1a03-11e7-b3bb-080027346f30. You must pass this ID. If you do not pass the ID you will receive this response:

    "message":"No ID supplied",
        "message":"Bad Request"

Sending the Wrong ID

We do not validate the ID, so if you mistype it (e.g. miss the last character off) we will still return a success message. But we do return the ID, so please double check it is correct:

    "message":"Data received",

Wrong Key

When sending data, the key should match what you added to the system.

A GET request should have “temp” as a query string parameter:

Using the label or anything else will not work:

You will not receive any error, but we will not be able to process the data.

Not Sending Numeric Values

We only accept numeric values when passing data. Please check the response we send back to confirm the data you’re sending. For example, you can see in this response that the value has “°C” on the end, which needs to be removed before we can accept it:

    "message": "Data received",
     "error_code": null,
     "status": {
        "code": 200,
        "message": "OK"
     "data": {
        "keys_received": {
           "temp": "27°C"
        "id": "96aa015d-0414-11e7-b55e-080027346f30"
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