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Set up Uptime Alerts

Uptime alerts can notify you or your team in cases of downtime. To configure Uptime Alerts, you need to set up a delivery group and configure website rules.

How to set up Uptime Alerts

  1. Set up a delivery group
  2. Configure a website rule

Uptime Rules can be set to be account-wide or monitor-specific. The alert will be triggered if the uptime monitor fails (such as an incorrect status code, response timeout, or failing a content check).

Alerts are based on the sensitivity setting of the delivery group you have set; this determines how long the uptime monitor should be failing before sending out an alert. You can choose 1 delivery group for each uptime rule.

You can have more than one website rule for a page: this allows you to send further notifications if downtime persists. For example, you could have an alert that triggers after 1 minute and then after 10 minutes if the downtime is not resolved:

1-minute downtime: Sends an alert to the non-critical delivery group.
10 minutes downtime: Sends a separate alert to the critical delivery group.

Unlike other website rules, you cannot edit an Uptime Website rule. Instead, you should add a new rule and delete the old rule.

Add uptime rule
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