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Add a New Website to RapidSpike

Monitors in RapidSpike are linked to websites. When setting up your account, you will be prompted to add a website for monitoring. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to add multiple websites for monitoring even after your account setup.

Adding a Website to RapidSpike

Go to Create > Website to open the menu.

Screenshot showing how to create a new website in RapidSpike.

There are several options for configuring your new site:

Website Label: Customise the name of your website in RapidSpike

Domain Name: Enter the URL for your website and choose between http://  and https://

Tags: Add new or existing tags – useful for managing large numbers of websites.

Monitoring Level: This is split into two levels

  1. Simple: Just a website with no add-on monitors.
  2. Advanced: This enables extra add-on monitors for the new website, including Domain Expiry and SSL Certificate Expiry. 

Check Interval: Change the test frequency of uptime monitors on this website.

You can also see the credits required to add the website, and how many you have available.

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