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API Uptime monitoring

To monitor your API in RapidSpike you should set your API Domain as a new website in RapidSpike and set up an Uptime monitor.

Add API Domain as a Website and Page

You should follow the steps to add a new website to Rapidspike and add a new page to RapidSpike.

A Website in RapidSpike can be any domain, including an API domain. Equally, a Website Page can be any API resource path that you would like.

For example, an API endpoint that appears as would be added as:

  • A website with the domain
  • A page whose path is /my-resource.

Add an API Uptime Check

Once you have created the website and pages for your API, you can follow the steps to set up an Uptime Monitor.

You can have multiple Uptime monitors created on it, each with different configurations such as request HTTP verb (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) and response HTTP.

If you have a RESTful API then you could create multiple API Uptime monitors to check each behaviour of the endpoints for creating (POST), reading (GET) and updating (PUT) things there.

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