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Using Failure Analysis for your Page Load Monitor

If your Page Load Monitor fails, you can use the Failure Analysis tab to compare the failing test and the last successful test side by side. This can assist you further in analysing your Page Load data.

See also: Page Load Timeouts


This view allows you to compare screenshots of failed and successful tests. This can provide visual context and can help in identifying any visible anomalies or errors.

Screenshot showing visual failure analysis


This section presents a detailed list of elements for the failed and successful page load tests. You can view page elements that are unique to the test or look only at elements with errors. Click Show Details to view more data about each element.

Screenshot showing elements failure analysis

You can filter the elements list by the file type such as JavaScript files:

screenshot showing the element type drop down


The waterfall view displays the elements loaded on the page in chronological order

Screenshot showing the waterfall page analysis

Browser Log

The browser log provides a record of errors that occurred within the browser environment.

Screenshot showing the browser log failure analysis
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