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Set up Alerts using Website Rules

To set up alerts for your monitors, you need to configure website rules; this enables you to set criteria for when and how your monitors will trigger alerts and which delivery groups will receive the alert.

There are two main ways to add a new website rule:

  • Go to the settings for the monitor you want to set up an alert for.
  • Configure in your account settings.

Set up Website Rules in monitor settings

Go to your monitor settings and navigate to the Alerts tab.

Set up Website Rules in account settings

Go to Settings > Website Rules to find a list of all website rules on your account. Click View to see more details on the monitor. This is divided into different tabs for each monitor type.

To set a website rule you must:

  1. Create a Rule Label to describe the alert
  2. Select a Rule Type to specify what type of event you want to alert for. You may also need to select which regions to use data from.
  3. Set Rule Conditions for when an event triggers an alert. You can set how many times the monitor should fail before you receive an alert.
  4. Pick the Delivery Groups you want to be alerted if the conditions are met.

An exception is Uptime Alerts, which involve a different set of instructions. You can read more in this article: Set up Uptime Alerts.

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