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Edit your Sitemap Monitor

You can set up a sitemap monitor to check for missing pages on your site. To change the settings of your monitor (such as adding a region or changing the check interval), you can navigate to Sitemap settings.

Find Sitemap Monitor settings

There are two ways to access the settings for your sitemap monitor

  1. Go to your sitemap monitor. Click Options & Edit > Edit Sitemap Monitor.
  2. Go to Settings > Websites, Pages, User Journeys & Sitemaps and find the sitemap you wish to edit.

What can you edit for your Sitemap monitor?

You can configure a number of settings for your monitor:

  • Pause or Resume the monitor.
  • Change the Label.
  • Edit the Check Interval
  • Add or remove test regions.
  • Delete your monitor by clicking Delete This Sitemap.
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